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Helping you not only survive but thrive in an increasingly dynamic world.

Corporate support services are perhaps the most overlooked category of service vending as it is a field all about guts and little to no glory. However, with the “mastering the unknown” mantra propelling us, our consultants seldom shun from the opportunity of delving into the murky complexity of industry and economy. We are of habit of urging our clients to match our bravery, we are living in but daring times.

"Are you ready to make the most of our increasingly digital world? Do you have what it takes to deal with the many different challenges? We can help you not only survive but thrive – accelerating your success in the digital age.

Capital is the lifeline of any given enterprise, its availability or absence goes a long way in determining the well-being of the same. It is for this reason that financial and accounting services form the cornerstone of our firm. Other than our compliance to the IAS and IFRS accounting standards, our employees boast professional credentials such as the ACCA & B.Sc. in Finance (IBA) to ensure we offer premium services

By entrusting the BSc to be your local representative, you benefit from the in-house capabilities of our team and our partner organizations – which allow you to extend your business development outreach, potential, functions and activities in the Horn of Africa States.

How we Work

We help clients make bold moves to beat the odds and build enduring value. This we achieve by first sitting down with you to understand your goals, culture, and values. When we feel that we speak your language, we then work together with you to define the scope and specifics of your project. We outline a specific step-by-step action plan complete with deliverables, checkpoints, and levels of involvement among others.

We then gather a dedicated team to run your project and as we simultaneously coordinate, manage, and energize it. We then take complete care of driving the project to success, acting as a project manager with in-depth expertise in every business area relevant to your project.


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