Design Driven

As a design driven agency, our strategy and policies are flexible and adaptive to trends and our clients’ needs. In this way, we remain on top of the current disruptive nature of markets today. We also use design to achieve customer management excellence in emerging markets.

Design to value: The design-to-value approach can help companies boost their sales and profitability – but rolling it out across an entire product or service portfolio is not easy, & this is where we step in such that we help our clients overcome this difficulties with an unmatched ease.

Companies struggle to drive growth while at the same time, they need to improve margins. At the BSc we help companies achieve both simultaneously by addressing what customers want, what competitors are offering and what it costs to manufacture and distribute an end product or service.

Further Insight

The BSc offers its services through a principle framework of three pillars as highlighted above. Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Branding and Productions & Operations.

The BSc comprehensive, efficient and robust Enterprise Solutions help you manage supply chains, devise CRM strategies, deploy content management solutions and integrate enterprise-wide functions.In the finance & accounting pillar, we address matters: cash flow management, corporate finance management & analysis, capital budgeting techniques & implementation, preparation of financial statements and tax filling as well as tax avoidance strategies.

In the marketing & branding pillar, we address brand design & brand strategies and user interface platforms & related strategies. Lastly, in the productions & operations pillar we address value chain analysis, stock management & job sequencing.

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