Corporate Social Responsibility

A crucial pillar in our offerings are our philanthropic works where we strive to deliver effective & efficient economic development to the benefactors of our causes through grants, aid & donations. For inquiries on such, please contact us through a message below.

As of 24th December 2015, the BSC entered a number of agreements with various children’s homes located within Kilifi County, Kenya under our Wema Aid program. With them we began what we believe will be a lasting partnership that will see us bring about social, economic & academic development as we work to ensure their growth as institutions supporting those born into disadvantaged situations.

In addition, through Hazina Football Club in Nairobi County, Kenya – we strive to promote talent development through direct sponsoring and provisions of needed equipment and uniforms. Under the same project, we have initiated the Charter for Minorities 2020 initiative that will see us promoting sports among minority communities such as women, refugees & the LGBT.